Anyone else having issues with ON24 registration forms autofilling?

If you’re using the ON24 registration forms, have you experienced issues with Google Chrome autofilling certain fields incorrectly for your registrants?

For example, on some of our registration forms we’ll see 30% or more of our registrants who have their address in the “Company Name” field, instead of their company name. We’ve been able to reproduce the situation in Google Chrome – that Chrome sometimes picks up the person’s address and puts it into the company name field.

We’ve reported the issue to ON24’s support team and they’re investigating it. But I was curious to see if others are seeing similar issues?

It doesn’t happen on all of our webinars – it seems to be isolated to situations where we’re using several of the Custom fields (e.g. Custom #3 and Custom #4).

Here’s an example from yesterday’s webinar. Note how nearly half of the registrants had their address autofilled into the Company Name field.

So, from my understanding of this issue, optimizing the code for autofill can go a long way to improving how browsers fill those fields. So maybe the ON24 forms could use some work there?

@michael.madej We have the same issue and ON24 said it’s because some fields are cached or saved in the registrants cookies from another ON24 webinar so its putting their wrong information in the wrong fields for the new registration form. I hope that made sense :slight_smile: They didn’t have a fix but would love to know if there is one.

@osman.erzinclioglu I agree. I sent some similar suggestions to the ON24 tech support team last week…see below:

> Have your developers looked into the HTML standard for the autocomplete attribute? Here’s a blog post from the Google team about it:
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> And here’s a link to the standard. It appears that autocomplete=”organization” might be what we need on that company name field.
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@jocelyn.robertson I’m no expert, but at this point I’m not convinced that it has anything to do with other ON24 events. Here’s why:

I can put Chrome into Incognito Mode (where it’s ignoring cookies and other data from sites), and I can still reproduce the issue. So that seems to indicate it’s not tied to any persistent ON24 cookies. My current theory is that it’s tied to what @osman.erzinclioglu mentioned in his post. I believe the code needs to be optimized so that Autofill knows what the fields are supposed to be.

Unfortunately I’ve been told that ON24 considers this a “client-specific customization” that they’re unable to make.